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Ice Cream & Scoops


The     ice cottage



In our ice cream parlour, we offer you a changing range of 7 constantly changing types of ice cream. Enjoy a piece of hospitality with homemade cakes and a wide selection of coffee and coffee specialities, tea and iced coffee, beer, wine and soft drinks.


soft serve

Our creatively designed sundaes and ice cream flavors leave nothing to be desired.

Ice Cream Arrangement

scoop ice cream


curd cherry

sour cream

salted caramel


Green apple

Elderberry Blackberry

White chocolate

Dark chocolate

Ice Cream Sundae


Sweden sundae

House style sundae

Sundae #7

soft sundae

Harzer men's mug

caramel cup

and much more


topping selection

Always popular with our customers and highly recommended by our employees. Taste for yourself and see why we can't stop talking about our fine selection of Topping Selection.


dwarf ice cream

You up to a maximum of 1.20 m, then you get your dwarf soft ice cream for only 0.50 €.

Ice Cottage #7

at Jägerstrasse 7

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